Trail Trekker II Tank - 4040287

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NEW & IMPROVED 12 Gallon Trail Trekker II TankWhen you hit the trail you can always use a little extra fuel, right? TITAN's Trail Trekker II gives you the fuel you need to go boldly off the beaten path. This new, improved version of our popular off-road product features better rear visibility, improved looks, and now will not only fit 5" bolt stud patterns, but 6" and 8" as well! So if you go off-road with most of the popular "rock crawlers", you too can have the added piece of mind extra fuel brings. Of course we still fit JK,TJ and YJ Wranglers. The Trail Trekker II is made of TITAN's famous Military Grade, Cross-Linked Polymer so you know it's backed by our Lifetime Warranty and is tough, durable and secure. The tank is fully grounded and vented with rollover protection. It fits the stock Wrangler spare tire carriers and most of the popular aftermarket tire carriers, and comes with all of the high-strength steel bracketry, fasteners, and accessories for easy mounting on your off-road rig. The mounting position keeps the tank out of the way and makes transfer of fuel to the vehicle's main tank a snap. The Trail Trekker II will handle 15" and larger wheels, and tires up to 37".PATENT PENDINGNote: On stock TJ and YJ Wranglers, the tank will greatly limit the opening of the glass lift gate on vehicles equipped with a factory hardtop. Important: Tank is intended for temporary storage only. Full tank weighs approximately 100 lbs (45 kg). It is the user's responsibility to ensure the mounting point on the vehicle is sufficient for the weight.Tank must be properly grounded at all times (see installation instructions). Always use a proper siphon pump. Never siphon fuel by mouth. Store only in a well ventilated area. Use out-doors only. Always wear eye protection when filling or transferring fuel. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors. Keep out of reach of children. Gasoline is known by the state of California to cause cancer.
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