Captured Nut Plates

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Product Overview

Captured Nut Plates are laser cut from high quality American A36 Steel and run through an industrial parts tumbler. Deuling Design's Captured Nut Plates are just the thing to keep your hardware from coming loose offroad. They also provide additional benefits including: 
- Only needing 1 wrench for doing bolt checks. 
- Holding a nut from spinning in a hard to reach area.
- Adding additional strength to your existing mounts.
- In the event the holes in your tabs become egged out from abuse, the CNP will provide pressure on the head of the bolt or nut to prevent further elongation of suspension and other holes. 
The tumbled finish makes Captured Nut Plates ready to weld out of the box, even for TIG! Just wipe them down with your choice of alcohol and you're ready to fully weld them on, tack weld them on, or you can even cut them in half for certain applications. The uses are only limited to your imagination. More sizes and shapes are coming soon!
Sizing is listed by Bolt Diameter, not bolt head.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review