Weld-It-Yourself Mobile MIG Cart Kit

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Product Overview

Trinity Fab Works’ Weld-It-Yourself Mobile MIG Cart Kit is the perfect solution for easy transportation of your MIG welding set up.  This kit comes with all of the necessary pieces and hardware to turn a dolly from Harbor Freight into a versatile, heavy duty, mobile MIG cart.

These parts are designed with a relatively loose tolerance due to the fact the Harbor Freight isn’t exactly known for its quality control and precision.  The tab and slot design is meant to make assembly an ease with 1/8” open corner joints.  

This kit comes with 23 pieces CNC cut from 1/8” HRPO, necessary hardware to secure the bottle, and 2 Velcro straps to secure your MIG gun/lead during transportation and storage.  You will need to buy hardware to secure your welder to the MIG mount plates that are provided with this kit due to the fact that different welders have different sized holes already found underneath them.

 All pieces are designed to fit the Haulmaster 800lb hand truck which is available at any Harbor Freight as well as other locations. In reality, this kit should fit any hand truck constructed from 1” tubing that has a distance of 12-1/8” to 12-1/4” between the centers of the upright vertical tubes.   

What welders will fit?  

  • Most modern inverter MIG welders will fit without an issue such as the Lincoln 210 MP, Miller 211 (inverter), and the Vulcan Migmax 215.  The hand truck axle-braces can be modified to accommodate larger machines with minimal effort.  

Included Parts:

  • 23 CNC cut & formed pieces
  • Tab and slot design for easy assembly
  • 4x bolts
  • 4x lock nuts
  • 12x washers
  • 2x Velcro straps


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review